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I manage the sale and renting of real estate on the hills of Verona side of Garda Lake and the first hinterland,  I work in particular in the territory of the municipalities of Costermano sul Garda, Caprino Veronese, Affi, Cavaion, San Zeno di Montagna. 

I assure every client of mine a serious and transparent counseling, indicating the best way to arrive at the conclusion of the deal with the satisfaction of expectations, I also find the right solutions for any legal or fiscal impediment in collaboration with other professionals. I prefer the “ad hoc” search of properties on specific customer’s suggestions. 


Because an unauthorized legal mediator does not have the required insurance policy in the event of any legal disputes and because he could not be authorized to apply for a commission.

But above all because the help of an authorized and long-time mediator can be useful. When we are described with a certain precision what kind of property you are looking for, with what characteristics, in which area and so on, we have the tools to quickly direct your attention to the different offers that the market presents in the given period. If we are proposed to sell a property we have the elements to identify the buyers to whom it may be interested and to estimate at what price you can reasonably sell. 

The most organized agencies almost always work in collaboration with the best colleagues in the area, trying to ensure the best result for the client. The assignment of the mandate to sell exclusively allows for example not to find the same property advertised with different prices; you will also avoid legal problems such as any reimbursement of expenses to be paid to other agencies. Check how the agency works and choose the one that uses a precise system of taking charge of the sale and advertising of the property and that transmits you serenity and trust.

According to the art. 1754 of the Civil Code, the mediator is the one who relates two or more parts for the conclusion of a business, without being linked to any of them by relationships of collaboration, dependency or representation. Article 1755 indicates that the mediator is entitled to commission by each of the parties (2950), if the transaction is concluded as a result of his intervention.

Investing in properties for rent is still a good investment to date. It allows you to have certain expenses (maintenance, taxes and condominium expenses) except for unforeseen and good earnings. It is recommended to orient oneself in strategic areas for tourism or services. Decide first who you want to rent, choose the best property that lends itself to this and make it attractive for rent.

Variable Taxes (Registry Tax) and Fixed Taxes (Mortgage and Cadastral):
– If you buy from a private person the registration tax is calculated at 2% (if first house) of the cadastral value (obtained from the cadastral income), while at 9% (if second house). Mortgages and cadastral taxes are instead calculated at a fixed rate, € 50 each in both cases.
– If you buy from the manufacturer (within 4 years from the completion) you do not pay the registration tax but you pay the VAT (Value Added Tax) to 4% (if first home), to 10% (if second home) , 20% (if second luxury home), calculated however on the declared purchase price and no longer on the cadastral value. The mortgage and cadastral taxes are also calculated here as a fixed amount: € 200 to tax for all the cases indicated.
– If you use a mortgage you must make a further deed by the notary and pay a tax equal to 0.25% of the sum of the mortgage (if first house) or 2% of the same (if second home).
It is always advisable to contact a notary to get a correct quote considering the continuous changes in regulations. Even the agency can give you an indication of a professional to whom to address your questions.

The certificate of energy certification is a document, OBLIGATORY BY LAW in the case of sale, which demonstrates compliance with the rules on energy efficiency in construction. In practice it is the energetic “label” of a dwelling with its construction characteristics and thermal behavior, which determines how much the building consumes in terms of energy.


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